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Matsumoto University President,

Hiroyuki Sumiyoshi

Our unique problem-solving method of education deepens the "Theory" in our university while considering the "Local Reality" in our community

How can we solve the problems that occur in society? The ability to face issues that have no clear answer and solve them - that is the true ability we need in society. Furthermore, cooperating with others and understanding one other, along with the communication and presentation skills to do this, are important skills for constructing smooth interpersonal relationships as a member of society. These skills cannot be measured by one's test scores or the university name on your diploma. It is time that we truly reconsider the merits of "changing our interests and aspirations into test scores."

The goals of wanting to solve the problems in one's local society are clear, and for exactly this reason, students can enthusiastically deepen their "specialized learning." Our unique education method of cooperating with the community and using the "local reality" to form "theories" has gained attention, making us a national model school. Many other universities visit our university for observations by recommendation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

While there may be reasons to admire a lively university lifestyle in a big city, we present students another option; one where they can avoid expensive living costs, stay close to home, accumulate overseas experience, and spend their time doing what they want to do instead of working part-time jobs. Even those big-city universities observe the valuable experiences we at Matsumoto University provide, so why not consider finding a job close to home?

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